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VALPAINT yra pirmaujanti Italijos kompanija dekoratyvinių dažų rinkoje, įkurta 1988 metais. Valpaint įmonė laikoma viena iš pažangiausių Italijoje pagal technologinį lygį, nes procesai vykdomi itin moderniose laboratorijose, kuriose dirba patyrę chemijos ekspertai bei dažų specialistai.

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The third puzzling question is: I helped some men, who asked me to deliver letters to japanese brides whose postal address they bought. I sent special letters that are sent with confirmation (the postmaster checks that the letter is delivered to people living in the flat personally, have their signs and then sends confirmation back that the letter was successfully delivered.

It was very puzzling. People that had these postal addresses received the letters all right, but no answer. To send back a letter was free for these latin brides (but I doubt, that it was girls, the letters were sent nice interesting, active men and .. no answer) – there was an empty envelope in the letters. But alas, no answers were ever given.

The fourth thing that puts me on guard is that a lot of russian brides write there to men. My experience tells me that if a girl is beautiful and has great photos, if she is not a scammer, she can write to men but only on the first day of her membership, when she does not know yet if she will be much written or not.

But then she is much written to, and doubtfully will write herself to men. She will have to spend a lot of time answering ukrainian women mail (it is quick to answer in the computer, but to write all answers manually as we are told by agencies is a formidable task.).

And this kind of sites are really exspensive. When on my site a man comes to Russia to meet costa rican brides, they have exchanged by that time at least about 100 letters. Some manage to write about 50 letters each day ,and so write about 1000 and more letters till the man comes to meet this woman. If to pay 3 usd for each letter can you imagine the price for a building relatinship with one woman (hoping she is real).